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I am an aspiring cinematographer, passionate about creating stories with each frame of the film. My passion for street photography began in India, which led me to realize the importance of visuals, but it also pushed me into the craft of moving images filled with emotions and purpose.

I bring a fresh perspective while working in teams, with an optimistic mindset to problem-solving for each and every project I am committed to. Experienced with a wide variety of roles in the cinematography field, I have grown as a cinematographer, opening my eyes to detailed visuals with light and movement

I have worked in a diverse range of roles in the camera and lighting department, including dop, 1st ac, 2nd ac, camera trainee, spark, colourist, script supervisor, and runner. I have worked a dop in quite a few short films two of them selected in the Lift-off Global Network sessions in 2023. Additionally, I have worked as in both digital and film format, including working as a 1st AC and loader for a 16mm Student Kodak commercial.

Well-equipped with cameras such as the Blackmagic Ursa mini pro, c300 mk1 & 2, BMPCC 4K, Arriflex 16SR, & Arri Alexa mini, I am ready to expand my horizons in the visual field.


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