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Puraane Darwaaze

Role: DOP & Colourist

- A short film depicting the story of two individuals as they try to grasp the reality of their relationship.
- This film was heavily visually driven, each frame signified a certain shift in emotions to show the relationship progressing towards an end.

- We aimed to show a change in colour from warm to cold, as well as playing around with the wide shots, to show the depth of how lonely the individual felt, over a period of time.

- The challenge to show the characters going through their own issues while separating was a hassle, which we overcame by having both the characters on the different ends of the door, sometimes in the same frame.

- This Short film was selected for the Young Surrey Film Festival 2022 and the Lift-off Global Network Film Festival 2023

- Shot on C300 mk1 with Samyang Xeen Prime lenses.

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